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About Mimi's Braids

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Melek Ustunluk aka Mimi's Braids has been wowing the natural hair community for over 10 years. With intricate designs and uncanny precision, Mimi continues to raise the bar and maintain her status as a master braider. Creating videos since 2007, Mimi always understood the importance of branding and the power of social media. Her videos became must see for fellow braider's and prospective clients. Mimi's attention to detail, unmatched speed and dedication to satisfying and her clients makes her a sought after stylists for celebrities on set and clients on the go. Celebrities such as Allen Iverson, The Casey Family (Dj Envy) ,Wale, Travis Scott,  and Love and Hip Hop cast members Skye Landish and Juju are some of the celebrity clients Mimi services.

Born in the Long Island January 1, 1986,  Mimi grew up in a multicultural part of Paterson, NJ. Born of Turkish decent Mimi grew up in a strict Muslim household and strict culture. In 2012 Mimi was diagnosed with Supra-ventricular tachycardia but her health problems didn't stop her from chasing her dreams. When Mimi was 14 she began to venture out into surrounding neighborhood of Paterson. Mimi gravitated to 90's hip hop and R&B and of course the fashion and hairstyles associated with it. One day while playing double Dutch with her friends she asked her friend to show her how to braid while she waited her turn.  From that day she practiced braiding on anyone that would let her. The day she finally got the rhythm of braiding she never stopped and it has been 17 years of her passion. Mimi work in a barbershop for 7 years till the place closed down. Mimi decided then she would become her own boss. Through challenges and obstacles, Mimi has learned the responsibilities that come with being a business owner. She has happily set up her private studio at a location in Paterson.

Today Mimi is considered a leader in the braiding community. She is often called to participate barber conventions as both a featured vendor and a judge for battles. Mimi recently teamed up with fellow braiders (IG: @Guin_gui  @JennyBraidz  @Queencutsnroses) provide braids to over 1000 guests at the Governor's Ball sponsored by Complex Magazine and Got2B hair company. Mimi's Braids donates her talents to local organizations including Golden Magazine and local outreach program for at risk girls.


This summer she opened a new salon in Clifton, NJ. The Braid Shop is a beautiful salon that offers braid and beauty services. Stay connected for upcoming classes and special events to help inspire up and coming braiders and celebrate the masters that have laid the foundation for the natural hair industry.